Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rantings On The Bright Future Of This Ruined Age

(The following is reprinted from a message I sent to my friend C. Lewis of RED+TEST, an Industrial music project aimed at increasing awareness of a variety of contemporary humanitarian issues. Having discovered RED+TEST very early in my days of Internet radio broadcasting and included his music as a prominent part of the playlist ever since, C. Lewis and I have been friends and mutual supporters for roughly two and a half years now. Anyone interested in checking out RED+TEST's music may do so at the project's Myspace,

Some old tracks you cooked up and would like to see the light of day? Sounds great! You know, its interesting, I always make it a point of asking my friends I know are committed to change about what they think of the new regime, and the responses I get are pretty much split down the middle. In a certain sense, I am less interested in Obama the man as I am in the zeitgeist in history his election represents. In him I see the prospect of two important historical developments in American history that would restore a lot of the respect I lost in the country in the period following the turn of the millennium. The first development would be the departure from the imperial hubris evident in America's longstanding tendency toward expansionist policies. The second development would be the prospect of a second New Deal, turning around the turbulence and disillusionment of our time to make much needed social changes in the face of the culture's general tendency toward apathetic and compassionless laissez-faire capitalism. If Obama can accomplish either of these things, then the future of America and the world will be much brighter.

At any rate, it's a lot like Gandalf said in The Lord of the Rings: we make the most of the time and age that we are given. While I've always known that whether things get better or things get worse, and that the one thing that was certain was that the future would be troubled, I never expected things to get this bad or fall this far so quickly. And yet, I have never felt so certain that my future and the future of this country is brighter now than it ever has been. Even as our pretentious propaganda slogans about how blessed and favored our country is before God turn to ashes in our hands, it reminds us that God rebukes those he loves while leaving illegitimate children to their own devices. And so, amidst these dark years emerges the hope that maybe, just maybe, God cares very deeply about what happens to this country after all, and is trying to lead us away from this present course of ruin before it's too late. In the midst of such times, I believe you and I, EAR and Vendetta Records, and all the rest are exactly where we need to be. As David Bowie put it; "Thank God Heaven left us standing on our feet." Therefore, I've said it before and I'll say it again: though going through times like this is painful and difficult, I know I can handle it, and it's ok. You know, I should probably blog this little ranting...